Recent Testimonies

On my way home from work one night, I fiddled with the radio to tune it to some station when the words and music of some hymns stopped me . . . I kept the radio tuned to that station as a preacher (Charlie Costa) came on to speak. His voice was one that inspired comfort and assurance . . . The words coming through the radio brought peace . . . Today, I can tell you that I am a follower of Jesus Christ right here in the heart of Mecca.

—A listener in the Middle East

I started listening to your radio show about two months ago, and it has taken me to a level with God I never knew existed. I am so thankful that you do what you do. I am in the process of changing my life and becoming the person that God has always wanted me to be. Thank you.

—R.E., Parkville, MO, United States

From the time I became a Christian, I have been mightily blessed by your dedication to presenting biblical truth in a clear, practical manner. It is a rarity in the world, and I am eternally grateful for this.

—Linden, United Kingdom

Over the years I have been profoundly strengthened and encouraged by the Insight For Living radio program. In the storms of my life, in the dark of my night, you have been like a light house that kept me from crashing on the rocks. Though my ship is battered and though my sails are torn, Mr. Swindoll's inspired words have helped my anchor hold.

—A listener in Canada

I have been listening to your radio programs for 15 years. This has transformed my life and helped me through the most difficult times of my Christian journey. I wish to thank you for you encouragement more so, delivering sound teaching of God's words to many people.

—Andrew, United Kingdom

When I heard Svet Zhizini on the radio, I trusted the Lord Jesus Christ. Will you continue to teach me how I have to live as a Christian?

—A listener in the Russian army

I wish to express my appreciation for the liberty that you’ve brought to my doctrine. I’ve never known grace till having listened to Insight for Living.

—A listener in Pretoria, Republic of South Africa

I started listening to Chuck when he first started this program many years ago, and I have been very blessed by listening all these years. It has been a lifeline for me as I went through deep trials I never dreamed I would face. I purchased many of the series and have listened to them over and over again, feasting on them. I have shared these with friends, and one neighbor told me, “He saved my life.”

—L. A., La Mesa, CA, United States

Someone gave your wonderful publication to me last year. I was touched and realized that I am a lost sinner. I prayed and converted to be a follower of Jesus Christ. I could not keep this testimony within me but passed it along to other Muslim friends. Sincerely about 23 Muslim brothers and sisters have now been convinced and are new Christians. [Our listener listed their names.] Please pray for them and continue, we are listening.

—A listener in Oyo, Nigeria