Our International Pastors

Insight for Living Australia—Nathan Potts, Pastor

In 2002, the Lord placed a burden on Nathan Potts’ heart to proclaim and apply biblical truth within Australia’s churches. To prepare for ministry, Nathan and his family moved to Portland, Oregon, where he attended Multnomah Biblical Seminary and earned a master of divinity degree in 2011. The following year, they returned to Australia, where Nathan pastors Canterbury Gardens Community Church. Nathan became acquainted with Insight for Living Ministries (IFLM) when he was deeply impacted by Chuck Swindoll’s book The Grace Awakening. From then, he has devoured many of Chuck’s other books as well as the Insight for Living broadcast. In April 2013, Nathan’s love for IFLM, his calling to Australia, and his heart for teaching came together as he joined Insight for Living Australia, where he provides theological and pastoral oversight. He also provides Christ-centered resources for church-based ministries in the South Pacific.

Insight for Living Brazil—Fernando Bochio, Pastor

Since 1988, Chuck Swindoll’s life-changing messages have been heard in Portuguese—first in Brazil and also at times in other Portuguese-speaking countries such as Portugal, Mozambique, and Angola. In 2006, Insight for Living Ministries established a regional ministry office in the region of Greater São Paulo, Brazil, the largest country in South America and home to the renowned Amazon Rain Forest.

From the state of Sao Paulo, Pastor Fernando Bochio delivers Chuck’s messages on Ministério Razão Para Viver, the Portuguese-language version of Insight for Living. Fernando fulfills his ministry mandate of communicating the truths of God’s Word and bringing practical Bible teaching to Portuguese-speaking people by culturally translating and broadcasting Chuck’s daily messages; offering pastoral care to listeners; and teaching, training, and mentoring university students and pastors. Through the ministry’s Web site, Fernando and his team offer audio messages of the broadcast as well as Chuck’s books, which have been translated into the Portuguese language.

Insight for Living Germany—Jürgen Schulz, Pastor

In 2011, Jürgen Schulz entered pastoral ministry, and since 2014, he has been involved in planting a new church in downtown Paderborn, Germany. In addition to his church ministry, Jürgen is working part-time on his doctoral degree and teaching courses, preferably about the Old Testament, at Rhineland School of Theology. In 2014, he joined Insight for Living Ministries as pastor for German-speaking countries. It is his great desire to see Christians in Germany following their Savior with all their hearts, minds, and strength and to witness another reformation in this now secular country. Jürgen is married to Lydia, and they have three sons and one daughter.

Insight for Living Guatemala (Visión Para Vivir)—Carlos A. Zazueta, Pastor

Carlos A. Zazueta placed his personal faith in Jesus Christ after hearing the gospel presented by a Campus Crusade group in his school in 1984. He received a bachelor’s degree in industrial and systems engineering from the Instituto Tecnológico de Culiacan, Mexico, and a master of theology degree in pastoral leadership from Dallas Theological Seminary. Carlos serves as pastor of Iglesia Stonebriar en Español in Frisco, Texas. Since 2007, he has served as Insight for Living Ministries’ Spanish-language pastor and the voice of Visión Para Vivir. Carlos married the love of his life, Karla, in 2011. Carlos’ greatest passion is helping Spanish speakers learn how to love God with all their minds in the language of their hearts.

Insight for Living Indonesia—Dodi Sasongko

I was born to a Muslim family in the small town of Madiun, Indonesia. Indonesia has the world’s largest Muslim population—more than 200 million adherents to Islam live on approximately 17,000 islands. I started practicing Islam when I was 5 years old. My faith grew stronger and stronger when I was a teenager. In fact, I was a leader among my classmates and friends, especially during worship in the mosque and during religious lessons. My passion for Islam led me to hate Christianity, because my religious teachers had taught me that Christians worship Jesus (or Isa in Islam) who was only a prophet of God. My former religious teachers also labeled Christianity as a pagan religion. They taught that Christians committed the greatest sin when they worshiped a man as God. That was the religious worldview that deeply influenced my conviction in Islam.

When I discovered that my father had secretly converted to Christianity, I was furious. I tried to convince him to return to Islam, but he insisted that Jesus was God who became a man, and only in Him could a person receive salvation and forgiveness of sin. I totally disagreed with my father, but I could not deny that he had become a changed man—a new man full of hope and compassion.

I then became very sick with typhus. Over the course of almost two and a half months, my parents took me to several doctors, but my sickness worsened. My father offered to pray for me in Jesus’ name, but I always said no, because I wanted to die a good Muslim. Later, after my illness had become so severe, I said to my father, “It’s up to you if you want to pray for me in Jesus’ name because I have no hope.” That night my father prayed for me in Jesus’ name—and the Lord healed me.

Jesus has been my hero ever since. I experienced a lot of difficulties when I converted to Christianity, but the Lord has been so faithful to help and comfort me. I decided to follow Jesus—and to never turn back to Islam. I went to a seminary founded by a Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) grad, and I planted three churches in my home town. I became a coordinator for evangelism and discipleship for the Union of Indonesian Baptist Churches for Central Java. The Lord led my team to plant more than 35 new churches within five years.

By God’s grace, I received a scholarship to continue my studies at DTS and did my internship at Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas. My family and I returned to Indonesia in 2006 to impact 250 million people with the Word of God. I am blessed because of the passion of Charles Swindoll and Insight for Living Ministries to make disciples in 195 countries around the globe—including Indonesia—because we know that nothing is impossible with God.

Insight for Living Arabic (Lebanon)—Charlie Costa

Charlie Costa is the pastor of Insight for Living Arabic and the voice of Nafitha Ala l’Hayat, the Arabic-language broadcast of Insight for Living Ministries. He also serves as a magistrate for the Family Court of the Evangelical Community in Lebanon. Charlie currently serves as pastor of Ras Beirut Baptist Church in Beirut, Lebanon, and actively plants churches in the Middle East. He is a published author and acts as the supervising editor for Chuck Swindoll’s books translated into the Arabic language.

Insight for Living Poland—Zygmunt Karel, Pastor

Zygmunt Karel has devoted his life to the careful teaching of the Bible and equipping others to do the same. During his more than 40 years of ministry, he pastored many churches, including a Polish-speaking fellowship in New York City. In 1990, he cofounded the first interdenominational theological seminary in Poland and served 15 years as its president.

In 2008, he was invited to start Insight for Living Poland. Believing that Chuck Swindoll’s clear and practical teaching is much needed in his country, Zygmunt has passionately led the ministry, translated and recorded messages in Polish, and connected with listeners from different walks of life.

Zygmunt has been married for more than 40 years. He and his wife, Maria, have five children and five grandchildren.

Insight for Living Romania—Ben Mogos, Pastor

Ben Mogos holds a master of theology in Christian Education from Dallas Theological Seminary and a bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Ministries from Bucharest Baptist Seminary. While in Dallas, Ben interned in various departments of Insight for Living Ministries. In 2010, he was ordained for ministry by Chuck Swindoll at Stonebriar Community Church. That same year, Ben and his wife, Anda, returned to minister in their home city, Bucharest, Romania. Currently, Ben serves as the founding pastor of Agape Church in downtown Bucharest and as pastor for Insight for Living Romania. Ben and Anda have been married for more than 10 years and have one son.

Insight for Living Russia—Peter Mitskevich, Pastor

Peter was born in Moscow, Russia, into a pastor’s family. He dedicated his life to the Lord in the house of his grandfather, Artur, a pastor who because his faith was imprisoned for several years and then lived several more years in exile. Following in the footsteps of his physician parents, Peter completed medical school and worked ten years as an emergency room doctor.

During this time, he also participated in a church-plant near Moscow and became the first president of the Gideons Ministry Camp in Moscow. But this was not enough to satisfy his passion for teaching the Word of God. Peter brought his family to Dallas, Texas, so he could study at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS).

Taking courses in English was challenging, but he finished in five years, earning his master of theology degree. Chuck and Cynthia met Peter and Tatiana in 1994 when Chuck became the president of DTS. It was love at first sight, and Insight for Living Ministries began to pursue Peter as its first Russian translator upon his return to Moscow after graduating from DTS.

The broadcasts began in 1998, and fortunately in those days, Russia allowed the broadcasts to go out on public radio across what was then eleven time zones. That door has since closed, but the broadcasts can still be heard over the Internet and shortwave through Trans World Radio.

Also after graduating from DTS and returning to Russia, Peter became the pastor of Golgotha Baptist Church in Moscow, where the congregation dedicated a new building in April 2014. Peter also became the president of Moscow Theological Seminary, and under his leadership, the school has grown from eight students to 975 with nine extensions strategically located across Russia’s nine time zones. Peter’s leadership roles in the seminary and as a pastor offer him ideal opportunities to train pastors in expository preaching that delivers God’s truth and its application across Russia’s vast country.

Peter is married to a very special lady, Tatiana, and has been blessed by the Lord with five children and four grandchildren. Insight for Living Ministries is very grateful to have Peter and Tatiana ministering God’s Word in the great country of Russia.

Insight for Living United Kingdom—Terry Boyle, Pastor

Terry Boyle was born in Windsor, England. He moved to the United States in 1981. Although he began his professional life as a biochemist, Terry holds a master of theology degree in Pastoral Ministry and a doctorate in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. Terry served as senior pastor of Skillman Bible Church in Dallas until he and his family moved back to England in 2007, to take on the role of pastor for Insight for Living United Kingdom. Terry and his wife, Rose Ann, have three grown children.